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Isaac Ocen lives in northern Uganda. As a child, he lived with his parents and three brothers and sisters in a camp for displaced persons. The family had absolutely nothing, and simply existing was a struggle. They certainly could not afford to send Isaac to school.

Through World In Need, Isaac was sponsored, which meant he not only had regular meals and a safe home where his needs were met but he was also able to fulfil his dream of going to school at last.

A bright boy, Isaac worked hard and achieved all he could. This year, he graduated from University. His future is much brighter.

There are still too many children just like Isaac used to be. Children such as 7 year old Joshua. He was born in a displaced persons camp, where he lived with his parents, two sisters and four brothers. They recently moved back to their homes after 15 years.

A disciplined and well behaved child, Joshua loves school and does well in English and Mathematics. However, his education is frequently disrupted because his parents cannot afford to pay for it.

With your help, we can make sure Joshua has the hope for a bright future that you’d want every child to have.

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